Real Stories. Real Humans.

Welcome and thank you for being here! This collection of NFTs are actual human beings. Each person behind their portrait NFT was asked a variety of questions. Their answers were then put into the descriptions of their artwork. Read more about how YOU can be included in our Real Humans of NFT community. Don’t just buy an NFT….. BE one.

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Countdown until our first drop!


We’re excited to announce that our first drop of 30 NFT Stories is happening on February 1st, 2022. We’re almost done setting up our marketplace but in the meantime, mark your calendars in what is expected to be a sell out. We will post all the link and floor prices right here so stay tuned!

Our Mission

Our mission with real humans of NFT is to inspire humankind to make connections with people by getting to know them. Finding the simplicity and connection in reading our NFT short biographies, we hope it inspires others to ask questions and learn about the people they interact with every day. From the grocery store check-out to the gas station attendant, we encourage empathy, friendship, and a better sense of self.


Who are we?

Real Humans of NFT is a collection of art on the blockchain meant to connect people to each other and show that everyone has a story to tell. Each NFT is unique because it’s a REAL HUMAN and attached to that are their REAL STORIES. By learning people’s stories, we feel more connected to them. These NFTs are meant to inspire humans to get to know each other and make connections in a world where connectivity is changing. Real Humans of NFT proves that leaning into a digital world can still inspire true connection with each other.

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I’m 48 and I love to play guitar and sing although I hardly ever do it. I consider myself a total introvert but everybody thinks I’m an extrovert. My best friend Steve the Dog just died recently and it’s so hard to deal with right now. I make a mean grilled cheese sandwich and teaching kindness is everything to me. I really don’t think I’m cut out for long-term relationships because I get annoyed too easily. I need my space…oof. You can also read more about me and the kindness assemblies I perform nationwide here.

I’m at the ripe age of 27 and have changed my career path about four times since graduating college. I’m always scraping enough together to get by for my monthly bills and I am no stranger to panic attacks and mental breakdowns. Don’t take my high energy or jokes too seriously because they’re typically just a coping mechanism for my overly stressed and exhausted mind and spirit. Some of my hobbies include playing sports, making music, and dancing when I have the time. Craft beer/cocktails are the way to my heart.

I am 28 and I love all things that are creative. I am content with being at home most nights but love going to Disneyland or binge-watching shows with my boyfriend. I have 1 cat named Luna (After Luna Lovegood) and 1 cat you passed away with in April 2020.  I’m currently obsessed with sushi, the MCU, and Taylor Swift. I’m a huge overthinker and mildly anxious which can be my greatest enemy at times but I have learned great techniques to ground myself and snap out of it. You can find more of my art here.


Grow with us


Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3

  • Roll out website

  • Complete 50 pieces of RHoNFT artwork with their stories

  • Attain a social media presence (IG, Twitter, Discord)

  • Complete RHoNFT Story Form and prep it for submission

  • Select marketplace or mint through the site

  • Confirm investors

  • Establish partnerships

  • Partner with a clothing company and/or other opportunities

  • Plan out special event content unique to certain people and/or holidays

  • Plan to drop increments of 20 new NFTs a few times a year


Who are the Humans of NFT?


To put it simply…these humans are YOU. They are actual people who filled out the questionnaire below and submitted a picture to us. We’re seeking genuine humans with genuine stories. We want to be able to celebrate as much diversity as possible so anyone with that similar mindset is welcome to submit.

Sharing ones story can be difficult. Opening up, being vulnerable, and sharing your capital T – TRUTH isn’t the easiest thing to do. That said, we believe that it’s essential to developing strong connections with the world as we strive for a greater sense of empathy and understanding of one another.

Please feel free to share your story as we try to make this world a better place.


Storied Humans – What’s next?

If you are fortunate enough to have an NFT created of you, you’re now considered “Storied”. Those in our “Storied” community have extra benefits like first dibs on new drops and other extra benefits along the way as we grow. In addition, a “Storied” human will have the first opportunity to purchase their NFT artwork before it’s released to the public.


We also just launched our Discord which is a great way to connect with us! In this space, we plan to have music nights, trivia contests, mental health workshops, live open mic nights, etc.

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Their Stories

Once a marketplace is established, these stories will each have links to their showroom.